Group training

Based on 20 years of experience supporting businesses from around the world on various platforms (digital, print, live stage, etc), our instructor-led, participant-centered training sessions can help your teams bridge gaps in communication, so your message comes across more efficiently, and reaches up to 40% more people.

Inklusiv Bootcamp TrainingTM

This hands-on, modular Inklusiv Bootcamp Training™ is meant as an introductory set of sessions. They are delivered virtually or in classroom settings over the course of one or two days. This Bootcamp helps you connect the dots by teaching you how to approach accessibility in digital content creation and delivery, so that everyone feels included, regardless of abilities or disabilities.

If you care about contributing to a world where everyone is empowered to truly connect, and want to learn about the amazing ways in which your content could reach up to 40% more people in your audience or customer base, then our Inklusiv Bootcamp Training™ is for you!

+ Who is this for?

Our Inklusiv Bootcamp Training™ is designed for professionals who want to learn:

  • More about the many ways in which disabilities and ageing can impact their ability to communicate their message effectively to their audience.
  • Everything they need to know so they can approach content creation and delivery in a way that is inclusive of everyone, including people who have disabilities.
  • Tips, techniques, and recommendations to design, develop, and communicate content following internationally-recognized guidelines for inclusion.

Inclusive communication strategies that will maximize the reach of their message, so that they can increase their impact in the world.

+ What do we cover?

We help well-intentioned communicators like you achieve these goals by:

  • Exploring ways in which disabilities and ageing, and other situations can get in the way of you successfully delivering your message to your audience.
  • Developing a profound understanding of how you can make a difference in the lives of millions, sharing your message.
  • Expanding your knowledge of the content creation tools you use, so that you can mindfully create content in an inclusive way.
  • Showing you specialized tools that are used by people with disabilities, so you can ensure they can access your content.

Addressing  any additional inclusive communication questions or challenges you need support on.

Inklusiv Role-Based TrainingTM

Once you’ve mastered our Inklusiv Bootcamp Training™, our Inklusiv Role-Based Training™ will take your game to the next level. These sessions are delivered virtually or in classroom settings, and are designed to guide you towards becoming a more inclusive communicator.

This one-day course offers more tips and tricks to help you communicate your message in a way that will create impact for the greatest amount of people.

If you are a marketing, public relations, human resources, or speaking professional who believes in empowering their audience to truly connect, these role-based classes will provide you with a variety of methods to create unique and cost-effective learning experiences.

+ Who is this for?

Our Inklusiv Role-Based Training™ is designed for the following professionals:

  • Marketing professionals who need to know what the best practices are in order to communicate their message in a way that doesn’t leave anyone feeling left out.
  • Public relations professionals who are conscientious about promoting their organization’s brand message in an inclusive and respectful way.
  • Human resources professionals who care about contributing to a workplace that is inclusive of everyone, including employees who have disabilities.
  • Professional speakers who understand they are potentially leaving money on the table by failing to address disabilities, and want to do something about it.

Anyone who strongly feels that inclusion is lacking in our society and wants to be part of the solution.

+ How do we achieve this?

We help well-intentioned professionals like you achieve these goals by:

  • Contextualizing the core concepts of inclusive communication to the reality of your role, in the context of your organization.
  • Leveraging a variety of participant-centered, hands-on activities that help you measure the impact of your message.
  • Designing engaging workshops that help you go quickly from a state of awareness to a state of proactivity.
  • Introducing you and your team to powerful tips, techniques, and tools to address the various needs of your audience’s demographics.

Supporting you with additional questions or challenges that may arise, while you build inclusive communication based on the role you play, and the industry you’re influencing.

Inklusiv Communication - Did You Know

Did you know?

The cost of a relatively simple accessibility-related lawsuit that gets settled quickly in the United States still averages around $350,000 or more… which is at least 10 times more expensive than creating your content to be inclusive in the first place.