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For the first time in history, we live in a world without any barriers to communication and connection. Or do we really? Denis has a profound, deeply relatable, and eye-opening message to share with the world: Empowering people to truly connect.

What topics do we cover?

How do we truly connect in a digital space that often feels segregated? We live in a polarized world where people are stigmatized based on abilities, or lack thereof. We’ve never been more connected, and yet somehow, an increasingly high number of us are feeling more isolated than ever.

Blinded by a false sense of certainty, every year, businesses leave millions of dollars on the table due to lost opportunities caused by failures in communicating effectively with ALL of their audience members. In a world where everyone is just a few mouse clicks away, millions struggle with what the rest of us take for granted.

Every day, millions of people are deprived of opportunities to realize their full potential. As a society, this disconnect is costing us dearly. We can do better than this. Through keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and workshops, Denis shares techniques and insights, demonstrating how we can all play a role in bridging the gap for anyone who is somehow marginalized by the use of technologies.

Our specialized fields

Digital Inclusion
Accessibility & Connection
Humanizing Technology
Being Pragmatic & Impactful
Disability & Aging

Meet Denis Boudreau

Not your typical shiny suit, Denis Boudreau is Founder and Chief Inclusion Officer at Inklusiv Communication, a consulting firm that has been focused on helping organizations empower their audiences to truly connect for over 20 years.

Presentation topics

We believe that everyone matters, so it should come as no surprise that inclusion and empathy are our topics of choice. We conduct presentations, so that those who are left out of the conversation can also truly connect with the rest of us.

Inklusiv Communication - Did You Know

Did you know?

Disabilities come in many shapes and forms, but not all of them are noticeable! 74% of people who have disabilities are dealing with conditions you would not be aware of, unless they told you. Your audience is much more diverse than you think!