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We believe that everyone matters, so it should come as no surprise that inclusion and empathy are our topics of choice. We conduct presentations, so that those who are left out of the conversation can also truly connect with the rest of us.

Keynotes, breakout sessions & workshops

Your event is special, and should be treated that way! Our keynotes are always customized to your audience, your organization, and your event.

Whether you’re thinking about a 20-minute talk, a 1-hour presentation, a 3-hour workshop, or anything in between, we make it a point to adapt. We measure success by how well our presentation aligns with your event’s goals.

We leave your audience feeling both inspired and empowered to make a difference.

Building an inclusive business

Empower your clients to truly connect with your brand, message, and the products & services it offers

As a business, you spend a lot of time crafting your message, honing your delivery, and strategizing about ways to engage your audience. But despite your best efforts, there’s a part of your customer base that you risk losing – or worse, alienating – Every. Single. Time. These are the people who have disabilities or are getting older, and who, unbeknownst to you, can often account for up to 40% of your clients’ demographics.

As you design communication and marketing strategies to share your message, or sell your products and services, how much thought are you putting into the impact disabilities can have on your customers’ ability to truly connect with you and your brand? How many people miss out on your message and what you offer, simply because these considerations are not on your radar?

Businesses lose a lot of money every year because they don’t know how to communicate inclusively. Worse, thousands of businesses are getting sued annually because of it. How exposed is your business to the risks of a legal complaint? How much damage could such a complaint cause to your brand? How much impact can the lack of an inclusive mindset have on your bottom line? Come and find out how you can transform your message so that it becomes more accessible to everyone.


  1. Get actionable insights as to how your business can efficiently connect and engage with all of its customer base.
  2. Develop eye-opening perspectives on how disabilities and ageing affect your customers’ ability to truly engage with your content.
  3. Discover pernicious ways in which disabilities, ageing, and similar challenges harm your business’ growth and revenue streams.
  4. Receive practical tips to reduce the gap in engagement, so your business can more effectively reach your customer base that has disabilities.
  5. Gather resources to help you empower your customers to truly connect with your brand, and the products and services it offers.

Note: This material can be delivered as a keynote presentation, a breakout session, or a hands-on workshop.

Connecting your message to be more inclusive

Learn how to reach up to 40% more members in your audience and stop leaving so much money on the table

There’s this myth that persists to this day, and regularly rears its ugly head in communication and speeches: the myth of the average audience member. As speakers, we craft our message for the most common denominator, in the hopes of connecting with as many people as possible. That typically means people who look like us, think like us, and enjoy the things that we enjoy. And the others? We take a deep breath, and hope for the best.

The illusion of the average audience member is one of our most damaging biases. It directly impacts whether our audience can truly connect with us and our message. But what if there was no such thing as an average person? If there’s no average, then there can be no edge cases either. All we have are just diverse people with diverse sets of abilities (or disabilities), continuously changing from one moment to the next.

When it comes to how inclusive speakers are, we all fit somewhere on a spectrum. Where YOU fit on that spectrum defines how many people in your audience you unintentionally leave behind. Every audience member you exclude could cost you your next client, or your next engagement. It damages your reputation, your bottom line, and ultimately, your brand.

Throughout the years, we’ve analyzed hundreds of speakers and came to realize that there are essentially four types of speakers when it comes to the inclusion spectrum: Unaware, Aware, Mindful, Inclusive. Every one of us fits somewhere on that spectrum. Let’s determine where you fit, who you’re not connecting to and what it’s costing you, and what you can do to better connect with the entire audience.


  1. Develop a deeper understanding of the typical demographics of an audience, and what you can do to more efficiently connect with everyone in it.
  2. Get actionable insights on how the concept of the average audience member is flawed and ultimately hurts your speaking business.
  3. Discover easy-to-implement strategies to change the way you approach diversity in your audience.
  4. Identify practical tips for planning, preparing, and delivering your message in a way that is as inclusive as possible for those who don’t fit the mould of the average audience member.
  5. Gather resources to help you get started on the path to becoming a more inclusive speaker and communicator.

Note: This material can be delivered as a keynote presentation, a breakout session, or a hands-on workshop.

Inklusiv Communication - Did You Know

Did you know?

Words matter. 48% of adult Canadians have low literacy skills that fall below high school equivalency and affect their ability to function at work and in their personal lives. Of those, 17% function at the lowest literacy level, where individuals may struggle with simple things like reading dosage instructions on a medicine bottle. Have you paid attention to the words you’re using in your presentations?