Who we are

We are inclusive communication leaders who believe in helping our clients build a platform that adapts to their audience’s reality, bridges their communication gaps, and restores a sense of dignity for all people.

Designing a world where everyone is connected and included

We believe in inclusion. We believe that everyone matters. We believe technology can empower, assist and include people from all walks of life. We believe the main purpose of technology should be to allow better access to information for everyone. People with disabilities. People with hearing impairments. People who are blind. People with dyslexia. People with ADHD. People with special needs. Young people, and old people, too.

We believe in connection. We believe that over a third of the world’s population struggles with digital content, due to disabilities, impairments, or ageing. We believe these people are worth designing for. We understand that building a more accessible digital space can be complicated. We believe the Web can bridge gaps for people, if only we care enough to build it in an inclusive way. It’s worth giving it a try. It’s worth giving a damn.

We believe in empathy. We believe every person is worth being cared for. We believe in universal access, but we believe in inclusive design even more. We believe a one-size-fits-ALL mentality tricks organizations into a false sense of security. Rather, we believe in the value of a one-size-fits-ONE approach, where a person’s unique needs and situation are considered.

We believe in you. We believe that you, too, would care about creating a more inclusive world for everyone, if you only knew how. We know we can show you how. We believe you can do this. We believe that together, we can empower your audience to truly connect with you and your message.

Inklusiv Communication Designing A World Where Everyone Is Included

We are on a mission to create a more inclusive world, where people can truly connect.

We believe in…


Treating all human beings with respect, and welcoming them as equal and valuable members of our society.


Being sensitive to other people’s situations and hardships, without necessarily feeling sorrow or pity for them.


Being open minded to see challenging situations with fresh new eyes and living life with a balanced approach.


Giving people the skills and resources to achieve something that they initially thought was impossible.


Continuously learning and pushing boundaries in order to remain relevant in a highly competitive world.


Significantly contributing to meaningful goals while creating a ripple effect and more inclusivity in the world.

Inklusiv Communication - Did You Know

Did you know?

According to the OCC (the Ontarian Chamber of Commerce), the purchasing power of Canadians with disabilities is worth around $55 billion annually. This market is typically left untapped by most organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Is it even on your radar?